Gunner, Artillery, French Army, 1929

The French Army replaced its dark blue and red pre-war uniform with ‘horizon blue’ in 1915, although the colonial army went to khaki. Its effectiveness has been debated for many years.

After the war horizon blue continued to be used probably because of the large quantities of items still available, and the cost of replacing it across the entire force.

Headdress – Blue painted Adrian helmet with Corps badge attached to the front. Leather chinstrap in place to secure the helmet to the head.

Coat – Double breasted greatcoat worn over standard uniform. This was worn for cold weather but also in place of the usual jacket. The skirts are folded back to make marching easier. On the collar are tabs in Corps colours with unit badge or number thereon.

Equipment – Pre-war set with ammunition pouches at the front. Woollen gloves for cold weather.

Legwear – Plain trousers tucked into long putties worn over ankle boots.

Weapon – 8mm Berthier carbine with 5-round magazine and bayonet.



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