Traffic Policeman, Lisbon, 1961

Traffic policemen around the world have worn white to ensure they are visible to motorists, to make their actions more effective. This was the same in Portugal.

The public security force (PSP) of Portugal provided a national force that also served in the widespread colonies of the country.

Headdress - Cloth covered Wolesley pattern sun helmet, essential in the hot summer of Lisbon. No badges or embellishments are attached.

Jacket - This jacket is an oolder style. When most Forces had moved to open collars, the junior ranks of the PSP retained the closed collar as shown here. Rank is shown on the collar.

A Force or Section badge is attached to the left chest pocket.

Equipment - A variant of the British Sam Browne belt with cross strap in white leather. The cross strap is quite wide. The gloves are enhanced by additional leather gauntlets.

The photograph below shows a truncheon being worn behind the left hip, suspended from the waist belt.

Legwear - Plain trousers worn over ankle boots or shoes.



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