Bugler, Russian Infantry, 1904

The Russian army was the largest in the world, and had enabled the Tsar to expand his empire into the Middle and Far East during the 19th Century. But in a year it would be humbled by the Japanese Army in Korea and China.
The infantry was the largest component of the Army.

Headdress – Soft crowned peaked cap of a standard pattern for the Army. Has the Imperial cockade attached to the cap band. The band is in battalion colour.

Jacket – Double breasted item in Tsarist green. Buttons are hidden. Trimmed with red piping on the collar. The shoulder straps are blue denoting ? Attached to the shoulders are the ‘wings’ of a bugler in red with yellow lace.

Equipment – Simple waist belt with buckle embossed with the Tsarist eagle.

Legwear – Plain breeches tucked into high marching boots.


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