Austrian Gendarme, 1912

The Austro-Hungarian Empire had a number of different law enforcement agencies, including three rural gendarmeries. One functioned in the Austrian aspect of the Empire, another in the Hungarian areas and a third in Bosnia Herzegovina. They were armed as a military force but with items that were not the first line as used by the Army.

Headdress Cloth covered helmet with Imperial arms badge attached to the front. Additional decoration includes the spike and mount at the top and the metal chin scales fixed around the base. A leather chin strap holds the helmet on the head. Whilst Germanic in style this helmet was not a copy of the German pickelhaube, more in line with a summer helmet with small brim.

Coat Over his standard uniform he wears a Dark green greatcoat, double breasted with two rows of 5 buttons down the front and two closing tabs at the rear. The red collar tabs are identifiers for this unit.

Equipment The waist belt supports an ammunition pouch worn to the front. This has a decorative front flap. Over the right shoulder is slung a haversack to hold ancillary items needed on patrol.

Legwear Dark blue grey trousers worn over ankle boots.

Weapons 8mm Mannlicher carbine and bayonet, and a short sword. The latter is also a symbol of the organisation and the individual.


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