Officer Candidate, Israeli Army, 1952

Officer candidates or those in training to become officers were identified with white embellishments in armies of British origin or influenced by it. The Israeli Army, or Zahal, drew on British influences from the interwar and WW2 period.

Headdress Dark blue beret with Corps badge attached to the left front.

Jacket Battledress item with open collar, like the British M49 pattern but with local differences. Small collar badges, the only other distinction being a white tape loop around the shoulder straps denoting an officer candidate.

Under the jacket is worn a white shirt and, presumably, khaki necktie. The shirt is most likely a parade item.

Equipment US style webbing waist belt.

Legwear Battledress trousers tucked into short, US-style canvas gaiters, worn over ankle boots.

Weapon 7.92mm Czech vz24 Mauser rifle and bayonet.


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