Bandsman, Army of the Dutch East Indies, 1906

The armed forces in the Dutch colonies were a separate army to that of the homeland. The forces in the East Indies were titled the Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger (KNIL). They consisted of Dutch and native troops in infantry, cavalry, artillery and support units.

Of course all armies need music so bands featured on the establishment of the KNIL.

Headdress Cloth covered helmet similar to the contemporary British Home Service pattern and colonial sun helmets worn by Europeans in the tropics. It has the KNIL badge attached to the front, as well as a spike and mount for parades. A chin chain can be attached to the metal fittings on each side of the band.

Jacket Standard pattern for the force with added orange decoration. This braiding is shown as black or blue in the postcard below, but I believe it was in fact the colour shown here, the colour of the Royal house of the Netherlands.

Legwear Plain trousers worn with ankle boots.


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