Cavalryman, Army of the United States, 1913

The introduction of khaki or olive drab to the US Army robbed the cavalry of the majority of their distinctive yellow embellishments, the breeches stripe and neckerchief.

The cavalry deployed to areas where mobile troops could chase down insurgents and better provide for internal security than the infantryman.

Headdress Felt hat with crown in a Montana peak. Cavalry (yellow) hat cords around the base of the crown. Leather chinstrap to hold it in place.

Shirt Standard pattern for the Army, and worn for field work or in the heat of summer. Made from a lighter khaki material. It has a half opening at the front and plain chest pockets. It is closed at the neck with a dark khaki tie.

Equipment Standard US webbing belt with integral ammunition pouches. The bayonet scabbard hooks onto eyes on the bottom edge of the belt.

Legwear Khaki breeches tucked into canvas leggings in the design of the Stohwasser leggings used by the British forces. Worn over ankle boots.

Weapon 0.30in Springfield rifle and bayonet.


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