Infantryman, Yugoslav Army, 1933

The federated Kingdom of Yugoslavia combined the old Serb kingdom with provinces from the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. Its army was also a conglomerate, heavily influenced by Serbian traditions but also moulded by Allied support during the Great War.

Headdress Serb style peakless cap with national cockade attached to the front.

Jacket Again a Serb item that reflected past Russian influence. Double breasted with hidden buttons. The roll on the shoulder strap is to help retain the equipment in place. On the collar ends are the red tabs of the infantry. Note the internal hip pockets and round cuffs.

Equipment Old French ammunition pouches on a plain waist belt.

Legwear Plain breeches tucked into long putties, worn over ankle boots.

Weapon 7.92mm Czech vz24 Mauser rifle and bayonet.

Below is photograph of a machine gun subunit of an infantry company.


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