Egyptian Mounted Policeman, 1919

After the invasion of 1882, the British essentially ran Egypt until the 1920s, and perhaps the late 1940s. The police force took on a British appearance during this time.

Headdress – Red fez, plain with no badges or embellishment. This was a standard ‘official’ headdress of the Ottoman and Middle Eastern world at the time.

Jacket – Plain dark blue item with white metal buttons. The force title, again in white metal, is attached to the shoulder straps. The individual’s identifying numbers are attached to the collar ends.

Equipment – Plain waist belt with embossed buckle. Over the left shoulder is slung a M1882 or 89 pattern ammunition bandolier holding individual rounds for the member’s Martini-Henry carbine. Or empty and used solely for decoration.

Legwear – Cord breeches tucked into leather leggings, worn over ankle boots.


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