Policeman in parade dress, Republic of Somalia, 1964

This illustration of a Somali policeman shows the influence of two nations in this country’s development.

Headdress – Dark blue beret worn in the Italian style. Force badge attached to the left front.

Shirt - Khaki drill item with chest pockets and full length front opening. Sleeves cut off. Blue lanyard around the left shoulder, with the end tucked into the left pocket.

Equipment – Blackened British 1937 pattern webbing belt with brass attachments. Over the left shoulder is slung an Italian ammunition bandolier in grey-green leather.

Legwear – Drill shorts. Long khaki hose tops with dark blue turnovers, worn with white webbing anklets and ankle boots.

Weapon – 0.303in Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle with long bayonet.


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