Trooper in mounted field dress, Cyrenaica Defence Force, 1951

During the last push to clear the Axis forces from Cyrenaica, the British formed local units to take on a gendarmerie style role. Whilst most were infantry, some mounted (camel and horse) units were formed for work in remote areas.

After the war British assistance continued in the form of training and equipment.

Headdress Dark beret, without a badge. A CDF badge was adopted and is shown below.

Shirt Khaki drill item with chest pockets and full length front opening. Sleeves rolled up to dissipate the heat.

Equipment British 1903 pattern waist belt and bandolier.

Legwear Cord breeches tucked into long serge putties worn over ankle boots.

Weapon 0.303in Lee Enfield Mk.IV rifle. I am unsure whether a bayonet was carried.


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