Gendarme in mounted service dress, Imperial Iranian Gendarmerie, 1938

The Gendarmerie had always worn a light blue uniform since their inception, although I believe khaki (drill and serge) was used on campaign.

Headdress – A low sun helmet with large wreathed badge attached to the front.

Jacket – Officer style with stand collar, and breast and hip pockets. No embellishments. Brass buttons throughout. The rear is plain.

Equipment –Leather waist belt with a thin cross supporting strap over the right shoulder. Over this is slung a British 1903 ammunition bandolier, possibly in its original brown leather, but may have been stained black.

Legwear – Breeches tucked into high leather gaiters, worn with ankle boots.

Weapons – 7.92mm Mauser vz.24 and light cavalry style sword.


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