Private in parade dress, Nepalese Infantry, 1937

I believe this was the standard pattern of parade uniform for the Nepalese infantry.

Headdress Nepalese pattern consisting of a green cap with white attachment. No badges are evident.

Tunic Green with red facings on the collar, shoulder epaulettes and cuffs. The red epaulettes reach over the point of the shoulder where they expand to a larger white, rounded end. The cuffs are embellished with a buttoned flap, and the cuff and flap are edged with white piping.

Brass buttons are used throughout.

I am unsure of the rear decoration of the tunic.

Equipment Leather waist belt with snake clasp, supporting the rifle bayonet to the rear of the left hip. White gloves are worn on ceremonial occasions.

Legwear Green trousers tucked into long putties, worn over ankle boots.

Weapon 0.303in Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle with 1903 pattern bayonet.


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