Soldier, Army of the People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, 1984

The Derg committee ruled Ethiopia from the fall of Emperor Haile Selassie in 1974 until 1987. It adopted communist ideology in 1975 and hence received considerable Russian support.

Headdress – Baseball style cap of South Korean style camouflage material. May have had a Derg Army badge attached to the front.

Shirt – Camouflage item with chest pockets and full length front opening. Some had red collar tabs with a yellow embroidered crossed hammer and sickle badge.

Equipment – Limited to a plain leather belt around the waist and canvas haversack slung over the right shoulder. The latter may have held magazines for his weapon and/or essential items such as food and water.

Legwear – Camouflage combat trousers, with thigh pocket on the left leg, tucked into high leather combat boots.

Weapon – Russian 7.62mm Degtyaryov light machine gun, first manufactured in 1928.


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