Ombashi, 9th Sudanese Infantry, 1896

The Egyptian Army consisted of Egyptian and Sudanese infantry regiments until the separation of the two countries in 1923.

Headdress Standard army red fez, with white material wrapped around the body. No badges.

Jacket Zouave style jacket of mid blue with yellow distinctions, the latter quite different to the usual French pattern. The cuffs have a number of decorative buttons on the outer seam, in addition to the lace and piping.

On the right sleeve are two white lace rank chevrons.

Under the jacket is a plain blue, collarless shirt.

Equipment Leather waist belt with snake clasp, worn over a red waist sash. Bayonet hangs to the rear of the left hip.

Legwear Baggy blue trousers tucked into white canvas spats or gaiters, worn over ankle boots.

Weapon 0.45in Martini-Henry rifle with spike bayonet.


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