Gendarme, Garde d’Haiti, 1937

In 1915 the US occupied Haiti and disbanded the army. In its place the new authorities raised a Constabulary, known as the Gendarmerie d’Haiti and officered by white Americans. This became the Garde in 1928.

Of course, the uniforms they wore and equipment they carried was American in origin.

This junior rank wears a khaki drill peaked cap with brown leather chin strap and peak. The state arms badge was attached to the front.

His jacket and flared breeches were also provided by the US. The brass buttons also bear the arms badge. The breeches are tucked into canvas gaiters that are laced up the outside. These are worn over brown leather boots.

His webbing equipment is standard American issue. Each pocket holds ten rounds for hi 0.30in Springfield rifle. The bayonet scabbard hooks onto eyes under the pockets on the left side of the belt. A water bottle can be hooked onto the same eyes further to the rear.

When the Americans left in 1934 their influence over the country and its army continued.

Below are assorted illustrations of the Gendarmerie under US officers and the Garde on parade.


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