Sergeant, Army of the Republic of Haiti, 1907

This NCO wears summer uniform. His kepi is the French style of red over dark blue, but with thick white piping quartering the crown. This piping, in all likelihood, also decorates the top with a looped figure. This may be rank-related.

The jacket is functional with a number of pockets to hold essential items. It is a lighter material and reflects the sun, making it cooler for the wearer. The only ornamentation is the gilt stripe on blue backing material, denoting his rank, stitched to both forearms. It is again a French pattern, hence the title of the plate.

The shoes are interesting. They appear to be a combination of leather and canvas. Probably cooler to wear and cheaper to own, but certainly less durable.

He carries the standard rifle of the army at this time an 11mm Remington falling block rifle. This was used by a number of South American armies in the latter years of the 19th century but was being replaced by Mauser variants.


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