Policeman, Ontario Provincial Police Force, 1937

The OPP was officially raised in 1909 but since 1875 there had been provincial policemen on duty. The Force continues to serve to the present day in Ontario. It is the second largest law enforcement agency in the country.

This policeman wears parade uniform. It includes a white Wolesley helmet with multi-fold puggaree, and military style spike and chin chain.

The jacket is a more ‘police’ item in dark blue with no embellishment. In fact the only decoration is the white lanyard worn around the left shoulder and tucked into the chest pocket. On the shoulder straps is worn the Force title of ‘OP’ over ‘POLICE’, in metal.

His parade equipment includes a leather waist belt and gloves. The buckle of the belt bears the Force motif.

Plain trousers are worn with ankle boots.


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