Policeman, British Columbia Provincial Police Force, 1930

Unlike most provincial forces, the BCPP was formed in the 19th century. It was raised in 1858to provide law enforcement to the rural areas of the province, when the NWMP were unavailable. In 1871 it was called the BC Constabulary and the BCPP Force in 1895. It remained an independent force until 1950 when the RCMP took over responsibility for rural policing in the province.

The style of uniform is very much like that of the RCMP formed ten years earlier, but a very different colour. The hat is the traditional Stetson with leather band. The jacket is in a military style with chest pockets and a stand collar. It has no embellishments, but has white metal buttons as opposed to the military’s brass.

His equipment is also military in nature, and includes a Sam Browne belt with holstered revolver. The lanyard around his neck connects to the butt of the revolver so he doesn’t lose it when in strenuous activity.

Leather gauntlets are worn for protection whilst riding.

The flared breeches have a thick blue stripe down the outer seams, and are tucked into riding boots.


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