Corporal, Saskatchewan Provincial Police Force, 1922

A number of provinces raised their own rural constabulary, perhaps in imitation of the State Troopers of the USA or to fill a perceived gap in the manning of the RNWMP. The Saskatchewan PP was raised in 1917 and grew to 175 officers, but in 1928 was replaced by F Division of the RCMP.

The uniform of the Force was quite military, and therefore distinctly different to the RNWMP. This policeman wears a variation of the Canadian Stetson hat, with the left brim turned up.

His jacket is an older style military pattern with stand collar and ample pockets, like an officer’s jacket from 1903. It is decorated with simple red lace on the cuffs, and military khaki rank chevrons on the right sleeve.

He wears a Sam Browne style belt but with supporting strap over the left shoulder. This was the style in contemporary forces in the USA, the strap supporting the holstered revolver on the right hip.

As a mounted member he wears flared breeches, and riding leggings and boots. The breeches are embellished with a thick red stripe down the outer seams. These touches of red delineated the Force from units of the Canadian army.


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