Policeman, Saskatoon Police Force, 1911

Originally the North West Mounted Police acted as a rural constabulary in the remote localities of Canada. But as the years progressed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police became a country wide law enforcement agency. However, there have always been smaller local forces in cities and later in provinces engaged in keeping the peace.

The city of Sastakoonraised its own police in 1903, replacing the detachment of RNWMP in the city. The now Service continues to provide for public safety in Saskatoon.

This Constable wears a very British but quite modern uniform for the time. The helmet is quintessentially British, in dark blue and bearing the Force badge attached to the front. A small black metal button is fixed to the top.

The jacket is quite simple with no coloured distinctions and has a high collar. The modern touch comes with the chest and hip pockets, not generally seen on British policemenís uniforms for some time. In his left chest pocket is a whistle attached to a chain, secured to his jacket button.

Plain trousers and ankle boots complete the uniform.

A duty armband may have been worn but I have no detail of such.


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