Sergeant, the Dominion Police Force, 1910

The Dominion Police Force was formed in 1868 to provide protection to the Parliament buildings. Over time it expanded to become Canada’s eastern police force. In 1920 it was subsumed by the RNWMP, when it became the RCMP.

During its time, the Force not only undertook law enforcement tasks but was involved in bodyguard duties for politicians (in Ottawa), intelligence, parole service, protecting naval dockyards (Halifax) and a secret service type role.

This senior policeman is wearing a parade or patrol uniform. The sun helmet is the classic ‘colonial’ style, but with a military style spike fixed to the top. The spike, mount and chin chain are made from white metal.

His jacket is unusual being a mix of old undress style, with its lace on the edges, collar and cuffs, combined with contemporary chest pockets. On the right sleeve are the three silver lace chevrons of his rank, again in the military style.

The trousers are plain, worn with boots or shoes. Gloves were used on parades but also for duty at important sites.

Below are the helmet plate and collar or shoulder badges of the Force.


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